Need to know

Before you buy


Age is an important factor for choosing a bike.

Choose a tricycle or a bicycle

Children that are just starting using a bike it is very important that they decide whether they choose a tricycle or a bicycle. In the case of a child's bicycle it is very important that the bike is equipped with good quality training wheels which is better to me removed soon. The younger the children the easier they gets the filling of balancing without stabilizers.

Correct size

Teenagers and adults have a vast variety of bikes to choose from. It is very important that the correct size and type is chosen.

Level of experience

First, give some thought to what kind of riding you want to do, your level of experience, and your overall approach to cycling. Why do you want to ride? Where do you want to ride? How frequently do you plan to ride? The more you know what you want, the easier it will be to work with your dealer to select a bicycle which will best suit your needs.

Comfort and security

The size of the bicycle is very important. Work with your dealer to determine the proper size for you. Ask your bicycle dealer to recommend a proper fit for you based on the kind of riding you'll be doing. What's comfortable for you may not be for another. It is very important for comfort and security.

Buy what you like

Buy what you like. Feel good about what you're buying, how it looks, how it rides. We also advise that if you're in doubt, buy a slightly better bike.

What to ask your bike dealer

Ask your bike dealer for advice on things you may not understand.

Ask for advice on other equipment you may need or want.

Feel free to ask your dealer if you have any questions or doubts.


Make sure that when you leave the shop you are satisfied with your purchase.