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We would like to inform our customers that as a company we are in a position to continue to operate as usual. We have taken all necessary health precautions in accordance with the containment measures issued by the government to combat the spread of Covid-19.

We would like to inform our clients of the following:

Based on the latest decree regarding the closure of all shops with exceptions, please follow the  link (


Decree under Article 6 (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (g)

Gives the list of the exceptions which are as follows:

(v)  all retailers suspend their operations except from the following businesses:

  • Businesses and laboratories dealing with disability and orthopedic products.
  • Businesses and laboratories dealing with medical and industrial gases and equipment.
  • Optical companies and laboratories.
  • Hearing aids retailers.
  • Car and motorcycle garages.
  • Tire retailers.
  • Bicycle and bicycle repair shops.
  • Dry cleaners’ shops.
  • Postal and courier services.
  • Pet shops, animal feed and veterinary medicines retailers.
  • Telecommunications service providers, for services relating to bill payments, top-ups, repair and replacement of mobile devices.
  • Pesticides, fertilisers and agricultural materials or equipment retailers.
  • Car and motor vehicle dealers.
  • Funeral offices.
  • Florists and garden centers.

It is understood that all retailers, including the above, mayprovide e-commerce or telephone commerce services with home delivery.

As there are help lines informing the citizens and as there are a few clients that do not get the correct picture of these instructions we as the retailer concerned we would like to elaborate on this matter.

The question being: {Can I send an SMS to get permission to visit a bicycle shop in order to… buy a bicycle or buy bicycle spare parts or repair/collect my bike that has been repaired} etc…. you can do the following:

Send an SMS to 8998 with the following text.

Number 8, space, identity card or passport or alien card number, space, area code, space, short explanation of what you are going to do. In our case is, visit the bike shop for the purchase of a bike, or visit the bike shop for purchasing spares or collect my repaired bike, or getting my bike for repair etc… and you will then get a reply that you can do so.

If on your way you are being signaled to stop by an officer of law or any other authorized personnel, you have to do so and produce the SMS along with your identity documents.

You are allowed a logical time limit for your movement for the specific request.

Please try to keep the distances for your own safety and the safety of the officers of law that will ask you to stop.

After the check you are allowed to proceed to your destination.

We would also like to let our valuable clients know that we are going to continue to be at your service as long as we are allowed by the law.

For any further explanations you can call us 24635033.


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